Frequently Asked Questions

At PML, we recognize that experience and education are complimentary, and the key to providing the highest quality services. We provide highly-experienced staff members with decades of knowledge and degreed geologists in each of our operating regions.

PML has always been dedicated to educating its employees, utilizing classroom, distance education, and on the job  training methods. We have recently embarked on an ambitious education program that promises to deliver the most skilled workforce in the surface logging industry. Our training program marries college-level geologic and operations training with a mentorship program that teams our most experienced employees with newly-degreed geologists.

PML Exploration Services is committed to protecting the health and safety of our greatest asset, our employees. PML complies with all applicable health and safety laws, and works with clients to ensure compliance with their EH&S standards. To accomplish this, we provide a suite of training and safety resources to our staff. We actively participate in several compliance programs:  ISNetworld, DISA, and PEC Premier.

Unlike many surface logging companies, which lease gas detection equipment from a third party, PML uses its own advanced proprietary gas detection and data acquisition system, The Edge System, that is precise, accurate, and customizable to the meet the challenge at hand. Our detection system can utilize sintered semiconductor CCD/TCD, infrared (IR), or flame ionizing detection (FID) methods, depending on the type(s) of hydrocarbons expected to be encountered.

Currently, PML uses Wellsight Systems Star Log suite for our vertical and horizontal logs. However, in the coming months we will begin using The Edge System to provide well logs in real time to our clients.

YES! PML is pleased to provide a research grade microscope and camera on the well site to provide the best in sample identification and analysis. This microscope  is equipped with a camera to provide detailed photos of zones of interest that can be incorporated onto the mudlog or emailed. This service is provided at no additional cost.

PML can provide any of these industry standard surface logging services: Isotubes, Isojars, d-exponent, calcimetric analysis, cuttings gas, and shale density. We will also work with our clients to provide novel types of stratigraphic data, such as Elemental, Spectral Reflectance, or TOC. Contact us for more information!

Our sales team is ready to meet with you and design a competitively priced services program that will be tailored to meet the needs of your company. Services and service pricing are designed to meet your particular budget and data requirements.

Although we prefer that our clients involve us in the planning stages of their wells, PML is prepared to assist our clients at a moment’s notice when the need arises.

PML has support facilities in every region we currently service, with operations underway to open several new facilities. Our service techs are just a phone call away from our field units. In addition, our Edge gas detection system can be remotely diagnosed and serviced via satellite from anywhere in the world.


Sure. Not only are our field units all equipped with cell phones, but they are also connected to the internet via satellite uplink.

We do not rent trailers, equipment, or contract out our staff. PML provides onsite geological and down-hole services for the oil and gas industry.